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My Ray-Ban Experience

Ray Ban is a lifestyle -- a constant presence in the fashion world. You make a statement of reliability, style and fun with these on! I purchased my first pair of Ray Ban Wayfarers in 1985. Needless to say, back then, Boys Of Summer was a huge hit and the Ray Ban mention didn’t hurt! Don Henley famously wrote these lyrics, “I can see you-Your brown skin shinin' in the sun.. You got that hair slicked back and those Wayfarers on, baby I can tell you my love for you will still be strong, after the boys of summer have gone”. Even though back then I was a young mom with lots of heavy responsibility, I could just imagine myself on the Beach with my Wayfarers on! The lyrics of Mike Campbell and Don Henley project the Ray Ban experience we all still long for.

You just weren’t cool unless you owned a pair of Wayfarers! Ray-Ban was onto something with their signature unisex Wayfarers. They looked good on people of all ages and this could explain why even today, they are the casual and hip go to Sunglasses.

Ray-Ban intuitively knows their market. They appeal to the consumer who deeply respects loyalty and tradition. Ray Ban capitalizes on this knowledge. And unlike many other Sunglasses manufacturers, instead of tossing an exceptional product, Ray Ban was smart! Why fix what ain’t broken must be their motto! They keep the classics on board with added dimension. Some are slimmed down and you can even find folding pairs to fit in your pocket! Now for example, the original 1950’s Wayfarer calf leather style is still available. That’s great news for us die hard loyalists! However, you can also find splashy prints and a rainbow of solid colors too!

These sunglasses are still precious to me, 28 years and counting... My personal experience gave me the idea to offer you the chance to own your first or multiple pair. You can’t describe Wayfarers as cheap, but they are certainly affordable! My store offers many styles of Ray Ban Sunglasses at cheap prices to the general public. Price and quality drive the decision to buy, and you will certainly find that here at mesaverdesouthwest.com.

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